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The NED was launched in September 2011. It is part of the IFI Global Group. IFI Global has been covering the international fund industry, particularly the alternative side of it, for over 20 years. The NED is published monthly as an online journal. It is the only publication focused entirely on fund governance. The benefits of a subscription to The NED are:

  • To keep in touch with developments in the changing world of fund directorships. The days when everything could be taken for granted in this business are over.
  • To help shape the future of this industry by having your say in The NED on the concerns of the day. The NED welcomes views of all industry participants and covers topics such as director capacity, transparency, conflicts of interest, regulation and numerous other contentious issues on a regular basis.
  • To receive the results of The NED's proprietary research on corporate governance and director issues. The NED's research department is independent of all outside commercial interests. The NED is a strictly neutral and disinterested observer of the director business.
  • To attend The NED's events in Europe, the US, the fund domiciles, and to follow its 'Nedcasts'. The NED will host at least 6 events this year (including in Cayman, Dublin and New York as well as London). These events will also be webcast exclusively for NED subscribers who are not able to attend in person.
  • To access The NED's database of fund directors. The NED is building the first global database of fund directors.

Annual subscription to the NED is £340 and includes 12 issues of the NED in pdf format and free attendance at all NED events. Group subscriptions are available upon request.
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