US alternative fund numbers grow but NAVs show slight decline

US hedge fund and private equity managers are static in number over the last year but they are growing the quantity of funds that they manage, whilst their combined overall NAV total has gone down slightly over this period (although gross assets are up).

This finding is based on data from the SEC. The SEC requires US based investment advisers with at least $150 million in private fund assets under management to file Form PF and ADV.

The SEC’s recently released figures for the third quarter of 2016 show that the number of hedge fund and private equity advisors in the US was almost identical in number with a year earlier: 1,015 private equity advisors in 2016 to 1014 in 2,015. Hedge fund advisors have showed a slight drop: 1,675 in 2016 compared with 1,684 in 2015. Their combined NAVs are slightly down.

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