Tracking fund boards by composition

The NED is starting a new service in 2021 to track board composition across international fund domiciles. Each quarter The NED will be analysing board composition data by jurisdiction in some detail.
It will look at a different category of funds every three months to see what see what is similar and different about their board composition by jurisdiction. The aim, over time, is to build up a matrix of information on fund board composition by strategy and jurisdiction.

In future fund directors and boards will be able to assess where they stand in relation to their peers - both in their own jurisdiction and elsewhere. And jurisdictions will be able to see how their boards compare with others across the international fund domiciles. The objective is to turn this into a benchmarking capability for the industry - by strategy as well as by jurisdiction. We hope that this information will be helpful to investors and managers making director selection decisions.

For more on this story see the December issue of The NED.