No independent oversight please, we’re British

Analysis by The NED of UK authorised fund manager (AFM) boards shows profound differences not only with regulated fund managers in the US, the nearest category to compare them with, but also with the boards of funds pretty much everywhere including in the EU and offshore as well as in the US.

AFM board composition in the UK is distinctly unimpressive, to say the very least. There doesn’t seem to be any independent oversight going on in the UK at all, at fund or manager level. There would appear to be more independent oversight of offshore alternative funds, including in Cayman, than of regulated retail funds in the UK.

NED researchers looked at the composition of 200 authorised fund manager boards in the UK, information obtained via filings on the FCA’s website. A pattern quickly began to emerge when we undertook this analysis.

To read more on this story see the March issue of The NED.