Much more investor contact

The NED’s 2017 Director Survey confirms recent industry trends, particularly on remuneration and workload. There are a couple of new questions this year: one is on contact levels with investors and the other on contact with regulators.

The responses to these questions are interesting and are part of the reason why many directors in EU jurisdictions say that their workload is going up at present. And almost all of those that stated they have more contact with regulators are in EU jurisdictions.

It is said that the CBI and CSSF have become more actively involved in the governance of funds in their jurisdictions, and the results of this survey provides evidence of that. In addition to being in more frequent contact with regulators the vast majority of respondents from Ireland and Luxembourg say that they are required to focus more time on regulatory matters in general than they did three years (although many polled question how the productive the time they spend on this is).

To read more on this see the November edition of The NED.