Man vs machine

The recently merged organisation of DMS, MDO, MontLake says it is a leading global governance firm. Is the governance of funds better served by having employees from multinational firms on boards or by having people who have decided to become an independent director on a stand-alone basis, or perhaps in collaboration with a few colleagues?

Might fund governance become dominated by large, global entities providing individuals for board positions whilst, at the same time, offering a range of complementary services to managers such as risk and compliance? In short, might fund governance become yet another corporate function?

This question goes to the heart of how fund governance might evolve over this new decade. There is a really important debate to be had here. On one side are those that see governance oversight as another cost function of the fund, to be managed as efficiently and as effectively as possible. On the other side of the debate are those that see good independent oversight of the fund as being something more than just another cost, something of real value.

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