Let the sunshine in

Time to end the secrecy in fund governance practices
Transparency allied to technology is transforming the fund industry. They are creating a virtuous circle: some very impressive technology is coming into this business at present. It allows for an ever-wider variety of information to be quickly disseminated to investors, stakeholders, service providers, board directors and so forth. Fund governance will soon be caught up in this too.

The NED is running a series of articles in coming issues outlining how transparency can improve fund governance practises. In the first of this series we focus on board composition.

As The NED’s researchers have discovered, obtaining information on who is on a fund board can be very difficult to do. Some funds are very happy to provide this information. A number of them even put details of who is on the boards of their funds on their websites. But most do not. And many, but not all, of these funds decline to provide information on who is on their boards when contacted by The NED.

To read more on this story see the March issue of The NED.