ESG governance ratings

There has been more of a focus on the ‘E’ and ‘S’ in ESG investing. But investors are now interested in the ‘G’ too. The NED is consulting on governance ratings for managers and conceivably for fund boards according to agreed ESG criteria.

According to Pascal Blanque, Chief Investment Officer at Amundi Asset Management, there is now $30 trillion of assets invested in ESG mandates. He says that ESG assets have grown by 34% over the last two years.

As The NED mentioned in October, the speed at which ESG has taken off, and the affect that it is having right across the global investment industry, is extraordinary. ESG investing is closely associated with the UN’s backed PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment). The PRI is followed by approximately 1,600 investors representing over $70 trillion in assets. ESG is also closely associated with Impact Investing.

To read more on this story see the November issue of The NED.