Directors Chambers

Number of people who act as directors of funds in your organisation
We have 9 members who are independent directors. Our organization does not provide director services, rather our organization is a centralized office for a group of people who act as independent directors
Total number of employees
0 (shareholders do all the work), however our office space has a receptionist
Jurisdictions in which you operate
Our members have directorship experience in Malta, BVI, Cayman, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, and United Kingdom
Categories of funds for which you act as directors
Between the 9 of us we can act as directors of any type of manager or fund including UCITS and AIF and any type of strategy
Does your organisation offer services in addition to directorships?
The Directors Chambers company provides an office, website, and marketing to our members
Are you independent or are you part of a larger entity?
How would describe your approach to fund governance?
Our members distinguish themselves from other independent directors in Malta and elsewhere by having a Code of Conduct and a reputation for independence.