Consultation on director ratings

The NED is developing a three-dimensional rating system for independent fund directors. Prior to launching these ratings, it is undertaking a wide-ranging consultation with investors, managers and fund directors.

The NED wants to make sure that when its plans are finalised, which will be at the end of the autumn, they are of real practical help to managers and investors when they are looking for directors. The NED will also be raising this topic at events it is hosting in Guernsey, New York and London. Feedback is also sought from subscribers. Please e-mail Simon Osborn (osborn@ifiglobal. com) with your thoughts.

Why is The NED introducing independent director ratings? It believes that having directors on boards that meet a recognisable standard – to be defined in the coming months - will be good for everyone who wants to see fund governance standards improve.

To read more about this see the September issue of The NED.